UI Health Plus

In response to the state’s shift of its Medicaid population to managed care, UI Health created an Accountable Care Entity (ACE) called UI Health Plus. ACEs were provider-led organizations that provided comprehensive care and care coordination for Medicaid clients across the state. The main goals for UI Health Plus included: 1) retaining the 12K patients that had already been assigned to UI Health primary care providers (PCPs) through the Illinois Health Connect program, 2) bringing new patients into UI Health, and 3) helping us build the infrastructure needed to make the transition from payments based on volume to payments that depended on outcomes.

When new leadership at the state level announced the elimination of the ACE model, UI Health leadership determined that teaming with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois would provide the best opportunity to maintain our relationships with patients and preserve the new care coordination infrastructure we had built, while transferring the membership to an experienced managed care organization (MCO). This transition of UI Health Plus members to Blue Cross Community Family Health Plan occurred on January 1, 2016. As we look to the future, we will want to ensure that we do not lose the momentum of UI Health Plus, but rather use this partnership as an opportunity to continue to improve our ability to manage populations. 

Office contact: Amy Sagen