Interprofessional Education (IPE)

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Although a dedicated group of faculty with university administration support has been putting their energy into interprofessional education for several years,  we are now pleased to announce that UIC has reached the tipping point and is initiating a comprehensive and innovative IPE program for students in our 7 health science colleges and for the practicing health care professions at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Science System (UI Health).

We are moving ahead at a rapid pace.  With UIC’s mission as a driving force, IPE at UIC will engage academic programs, the UI Hospital and Health Care system and the many communities and clinical partners who we collaborate with in education and health services delivery.  Our programs will engage students at all of our campuses (Chicago, Peoria, Quad Cities, Rockford, Springfield and Urbana) and all of our clinical partners in a program that is founded on principles of adult learning, team science, patient centered care and population health. This is an exciting and complex endeavor that is only possible because of the multiple layers of support that are being brought to bear. We have strong support from our campus administration and in particular from Dr. Robert Barish, Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs.  We have student organizations who are working with us  as well as developing their own initiatives.  We have over 150 faculty and staff who have contributed their time to providing IPE experiences. And we have community members and patients who are willing to serve in an advisory capacity.

Our IPE initiatives will focus on developing collaborative competence across the continuum of health profession education including pre-professional students, students in health professions programs and practicing professionals. The diversity of the academic professions programs and the clinical programs offered at UIC creates an environment in which clinical and non-clinical participants in health care delivery can be engaged in innovative applications of team science to solving challenging problems.  Experiencing the impact of interprofessional collaborative competence on improving population health and reducing health care disparities will be core to the learning experiences across the continuum.

UIC’s IPE community is committed to a scholarly approach to program development, implementation and evaluation and our successes will be disseminated locally, national and internationally so that our efforts have the maximum benefit possible.  We are energized by the promise that interprofessional collaborative practice has for enriching our students experience and improving patient outcomes.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve in a leadership role for IPE and I invite any member of our university community to contact me with  your thoughts on how to impact education and practice through interprofessional education.

Mary T. Keehn, PT, DPT, MHPE
Director of Interprofessional Education