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Opioid Epidemic

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“The opioid epidemic is pervasive and solutions must be multi-faceted.  As Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, I welcome the opportunity to bring together experts on this issue – both from a policy, clinical and research perspective – to engage in discussions regarding how UI Health can contribute to solutions to this nationwide problem. By working together, at all levels of government, we will help ensure that UI Health and its regional campuses develop a cohesive and strategic approach.”

Dr. Robert Barish, MD, MBA  |  Vice Chancellor of Health Affairs

Improving Opioid Safety at UI Health Heading link

In the U.S., more people die from prescription opioid overdose than from illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine — combined. At UI Health, we are improving the safety of opioid therapy by taking steps to ensure the responsible use of opioid drugs to relieve pain and safeguard against their destructive potential. As individuals and as an organization, we share responsibility for helping resolve this epidemic. When we thoughtfully prescribe, carefully check and verify, and closely monitor opioid therapy, we ensure that we keeping are patient’s safe while providing them with the best care available.

Opioid Project and Research Highlights at UI Health Heading link