Mission and Vision


The Office Community Based Practice (CBP) aims to involve community members, community based organizations, local agencies, researchers, and other stakeholders as partners in the mission to foster equitable access and delivery of comprehensive, quality care for all Chicagoans seeking care at the Mile Square Health Centers (i.e., health care screenings, preventive consultation, diagnostic services, and treatment) and affiliated clinics through research, evaluation, and learning. The overarching goal of CBP is to eradicate health inequities, promote continuum of care, and improve health outcomes.


Commissioned by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Community Based Practice in collaboration with the Mile Square Health Center (MSHC) and the UI Cancer Center (UICC) monitors all patient data and reviews requests for the use of data in research under the Research Council to ensure that patient health information is used in compliance with HIPAA and in a manner that is beneficial for and respectful of patient health delivery and outcomes.