Research, Evaluation, and Learning (REL)


Following the Research, Evaluation, and Learning (REL) model, the Office of Community Based Practice supports a holistic “bench to community” approach to research and evaluation practices that promote health equity. The office fosters bi-directional learning with community members, invited guests, researchers, evaluation, and learning partners both locally and globally. This maximizes community impact through evidence-based implementation and dissemination science.


  1. Evidenced based research aligned with the needs assessment
    1. Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)
    2. Health behaviors
    3. Access
    4. Outcomes
      1. Chronic Disease (COPH, cancer, heart disease, stroke, T2D, obesity)
      2. Physical Health [(asthma, CVD, diabetes,), high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, coronary heart disease, sickle cell disease]
      3. Mental and Behavioral Health
  1. IRB/RC Review Process
  2. Patient Navigation (Community Health Workers navigation and tracking of patients to services)


  1. Needs assessments
  2. Monitoring, tracking, and quality improvement
  3. Evaluation of research, projects, and services


  1. Dissemination of team research and evaluation practices at conferences
  2. Symposia research and evaluation dissemination as well as bi-directional learning from and with invited guests, partners, community health workers, and community members
  3. Talent management, leadership development, skills training of existing, and emerging health professionals