UIC Health Profession Cohort

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Introducing the UIC Health Professions Cohort

Did you know that health professionals contribute to research as investigators and study participants? The UIC Health Professions Cohort (UIC-HPC) will develop a research cohort of current UIC health sciences students enrolled in a degree program that prepares its graduates to enter a healthcare profession. Using this cohort, we will measure the demographics, health and wellness, education, career choices, etc of health professional students at UIC and compare these metrics within programs, across programs, and to the general public!

In the past, cohort studies conducted on healthcare professionals led to groundbreaking discoveries, such as the use of aspirin for MI prevention; however, these studies lacked gender or racial diversity and sampled populations at an older age. Based on the diversity of the UIC health professions students, faculty and staff, the UIC-HPC should host a diverse study population to strengthen the generalizability of cohort studies that use health professionals as study participants.

The UIC-HPC program will launch in Spring of 2021 with its premiere study which aims to Track the Health of Health Professional Students at University of Illinois at Chicago (HOLISTIC) through the use of the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) scale. After this we plan to invite participants to contribute to the American Lung Association’s Lung Health Cohort study to  better understand long term determinants of lung health. Moving forward, the options are endless. Topics such as mental health, clinical preparedness, or study habits can be studied using this same registry of students should students choose to participate.

We are happy to announce that the Health Professions Cohort Study has been awarded the George H. Miller Memorial Fund to help fund our research endeavors. George Miller began working at the UIC Medical campus in 1921 in the Department of Anatomy. He retired after 48 years as a pathology technologist and greatly served our community. Throughout the years, this gift has been used to support graduate students in their research and we are grateful to have received it to help fund our interdisciplinary study.

Meet the Team!

UIC Health Profession Cohort Presentation

We encourage you to view the UIC Health Professions Cohort Presentation which provides additional information. Please reach out if there are any questions and we look forward to advancing this initiative at UIC.