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COVID-19 University Event Registration Information

At this time, community levels of COVID-19 are increasing, and event guidance is updated to reflect increased precautions to limit transmission of COVID-19.  Gathering for events that include unmasked activity has increased risk of transmission of COVID-19 at this time. We all rely on layers of protection (including vaccination, masking, etc.) to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 on campus. The below outlined measures and guidance for university events allows for members of our community to assess their own comfort and ability to participate in these activities, while ensuring that our Contact Tracing team​s have the best information available to follow-up with identified cases on campus.

In-person, university-sponsored extracurricular activities (on or off campus) that bring together individuals outside of their primary job responsibilities or duties should continue to be registered in advance. Participation in social events remains a personal choice and should not be considered compulsory. All UIC events must follow the guidelines listed below. To register your event, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Key changes to current guidance:

  • Risk awareness should be provided to participants. Unmasked activities are currently a risk for transmitting and acquiring COVID-19 because events may include participants from counties of moderate transmission risk.
  • Masking is strongly recommended for all UIC sponsored events.
  • Events that include eating and drinking must provide seating areas for individuals eating to unmask at a distance from those outside of their social circle or household

Unchanged guidance:

  • Stay home and do not come to campus if you are ill or have  COVID-19 symptoms. This continues to be the first and most important safety measure to maintain a healthy and safe campus environment.
  • The risk of severe infection with COVID-19 can be mitigated by vaccination and treatment.

Please email with additional questions or information about event authorizations.

Please note that this events policy is subject to change based upon any continued developments in federal, state or local guidance (Updated: 7/18/22).

Event Registration or Review Process Heading link

EHSO Pre-Approval Requirements: Any event with over 100 attendees OR any event that requests deviations from the guidelines below must submit a safety plan for review and approval by the Environmental Health & Safety Office (EHSO) at least one (1) week in advance of the event. For these events, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

COVID-19 University Events Guidance Overview Heading link

Updated on:  July 18, 2022

Assemble Your Event Safety Plan Heading link

Any event with over 100 attendees OR that requests deviations from the guidelines should submit a safety plan as outlined below.

  • Event date, duration, frequency, proposed location, and expected number of attendees, purpose of the event/gathering
  • If the event will be located indoors or outside, or involving a tent.
  • If the event involves food or beverage and how it will be served.
  • Proposed layout of the event showing locations of tables, where attendees will sit or stand, and hand sanitizer locations
  • How the safety plan will be monitored and ensured
  • How you intend to screen attendees to the event.
Download a sample event safety plan template here

COVID-19 University Events Approval Form Heading link

Please complete the form below to register a university event.