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Odeh Center Program Archive

A video archive of programming hosted in the Odeh Center.

Developing a Gender-Based Violence Prevention Program in Chicago: An Example of Community-Based Participatory Research with Arab Americans Heading link

Presented by Sarah Abboud, PhD of the UIC College of Nursing on April 16, 2024.
The goal of this talk was to describe Dr. Abboud’s process of conducting community-based participatory research (CBPR) with Arab Americans in Chicago, a historically and systematically marginalized and invisible population. She also discussed the strengths and challenges of CBPR, especially in the context of a stigmatized topic such as gender-based violence.
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The Haunted Curriculum in Health Professions Education Heading link

Presented by David Ansari, PhD of the University of Illinois College of Medicine on March 26, 2024.
This talk examined how health professions students develop clinical and therapeutic skills and expertise in contexts of injustice and how institutions play a role in the “haunted curriculum” by both challenging and reproducing specters of violence.
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Black Feminism, Racial Realism, and Organizing for Health: A Reading Circle Heading link

Presented by Tiffany N. Ford, PhD of the UIC School of Public Health, and MPH student Tynetta Hill-Muhammad on February 27, 2024.
The program engaged participants in a facilitated discussion about the shared themes and implications of these important works on the lives and health of people racialized as Black in the United States.
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Plants, People, and Culture: Women’s Health Research with BIPOC Women Heading link

Presented by Tristesse Burton, PhD of the UIC College of Pharmacy on October 4, 2023.
Dr. Burton talked about indigenous plants that have benefits and use in the treatment of women’s health issues.
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